About Us

Mike and Pina Variety and General Merchandise had been a product of the couple Ernesto “Mike the woodman” and his wife Agrifina “Pina the greatest” creative minds and had been established since 1978. It started as a small retail store that outsourced products from all over the country. In 1983, Mike had applied as a Contractor at NSD inside the then Subic Bay Naval Base in Subic/Olongapo City. He had been receiving and accepting all kinds of services and requirements for US Vessels that docks inside the Naval Base. In 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted and had caused great destruction to the lives of Olongapenos. The couple didn't lose hope and continued with the business despite difficulties. In 1993, Philippine Congress decided not to renew US-RP Treaty and the Subic Naval Base closed for good. Business establishments within the vicinity of the said Naval Base suffered greatly. Clients were lost, investors flew out of Olongapo. Mike on the other hand didn’t  lose hope yet again.

A good friend from NSD introduced him to American Embassy in Manila. Mike started with a book of his products. Travelled everyday to and from Olongapo-Manila until words had spread about his business and services. He had been known as “the woodman”. His International clients started to flock in.

Then RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement had been initilized by Philippine Congress. It is through that the US Vessels, US Forces started to visit the country again. Whenever US Vessels dock in, he will be invited for Booths and Bazaar near the Pier and he offered custo-made wooden products. He will regualrly visit Camps like Camp Ramon Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija, Camp, General Gregorio Lim Marine Base Camp in Ternate Cavite, Camp O’Donell in Tarlac City. He will also be frequently invited to Hotels and Military Camps to receive orders.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of products possible at affordable but realistic prices. We take extra efforts to ensure the quality of our products far exceeds that of our competitors. Our goal is to always exceed our client's expectations.

We operate a state of the art eco-friendly green manufacturing facility which uses natural sky lighting throughout the building. We believe in supporting our troops, government employees, fire fighters and police. It is our calling for us to serve them and all of our customers whether in uniform or not. We also work to support our local communities.


Mike had been a very well established name in the Woodcraft Business.